Tools holder BIOLAND

New machine tools holder Bioland for the mechanical working of the ground in orchards and vineyards. Bioland is designed to mount different kind of tools, the front frame, both in single and double version, is complete with fingerweeders holder and rotary hoes support. The fingerweeders are available in two diameters, 54 and 70 and with different levels of hardness. The inclination of the fingerweeders is adjustable according to the work requirements. The rotary hoes are available in group of 2 or more elements. As optional the machine can be supplied with a hydraulic cylinder for the regulation of the working width and a hydraulic cylinder for the adjustment of the wheels’ height. The machine is equipped with iron wheels or rubber wheels.

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Bioland double

BIOLAND double




available with Ø54 and Ø70 - different levels of hardness.

Rotary hoe

available in group of 2/3/4 elements.

Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder for adjustment of working width.